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Election going on!

Today I voted the 3rd time. First time it was for Lok Sabha election, second it was for the state level election for counselors and blah blah. Now, its to select the new government in the State of Kerala.

With satyagraha of anna hazare going on and the central government is too helpless in bring out a proper rule.

Hindu reports

For people who don’t know anything about Hazare. Read this

I pity them. Whenever I think about politics the first thing that comes to my mind is corruption. I don’t know why is it so. Maybe the movies I saw in my childhood must have made me think like that or the deeds of our fellow politicians. I know that I am not perfect nor I don’t want everybody to be perfect. I am not of man who want the world to be Utopia anyways.

But I just don’t want the world to be blind and ignorant towards the injustice done to us. In all the black money, all the corruption, all the injustice and with thousands of cases as examples.

We know many of the politicians have been arrested for goonda kind of activity, fights, killings, mafia relations, child molesters, rapes and on and on. They don’t even give a f**k about the society and they dare to contest in the election. [WTF??]

Why has the world gone so blind? Though the politicians are guilty of heinous crimes why are these people voting for them. Isn’t there any good leader? Is Kerala or India lacking proper leadership?

As far as I know Indians are very ignorant. They ignore every sort of mistakes that happen around them. Think i have to make a separate post about it.

Today I just saw one of my cousins he says the election in Tamil Nadu is going to interesting. And said there is a news of people promising Cable TV sets to family if DMK wins and Laptop to family if AIADMK wins the election. How sad? We all know that the well known ministers from TN is accused of 2G scam. AFAIK the amount that can be spend on a candidate for election is about 16Lakhs. Have people gone blind? And still they dare to spend so much money and give such provoking promises to citizens or in other words BRIBING CITIZENS

Politicians BRIBE the citizens once in 5 years and ask or force CITIZENS to BRIBE them for the next 5year term to do even legitimate and legal things in the proper channel. Come on people wake up. Use your power at least once in five years.

Its high time for a social-cultural-technical-legal-political Renaissance.

PS: I have just expressed my views in this post. People who says that hey I think this kid is from our party and blah blah. Just one answer.

ans: P*** OFF
I am an INDIAN. I don’t have any party. Any similarity of views in this post to your views is merely coincidental.

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